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... your excellent industry knowledge, your professionalism and your willingness to share your insight and your expertise has greatly enhanced the quality of our service...

GM Majid,
State Audit Dept. AP.

New Management StratgiesIndividual Customer SupportPrecise and Impartial Approach

Our 24 x 7 Response Center is at all times on alert and ready to respond appropriately to all client needs - for not only correct assessment and solution, but also a timely response is crucial to the successful functioning of any establishment.

As a call comes in the relevant information is gathered about the problem or any other query / requests. Trouble-shooting, for minor problems, is done instantly, in real time. Else, it is analyses and a diagnosis done before assigning the problem to a team of experts. After relevant corrections the solution is provided to the client

  1. Calls received from client
  2. Relevant information gathered about problem/trouble/ enhancement requests
  3. Trouble-shooting done instantly where problem is minor - else a problem isolation and diagnosis done and assigned to relevant/qualified support team.
  4. Solution provided

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