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... your excellent industry knowledge, your professionalism and your willingness to share your insight and your expertise has greatly enhanced the quality of our service...

GM Majid,
State Audit Dept. AP.

New Management StratgiesIndividual Customer SupportPrecise and Impartial Approach

Uniglow’s Software Maintenance has the following characteristics:

  • We offer different pricing models based on service levels, per issue resolved rather than based on number of people and obliterate the need for supporting a fixed team size and fixed cost.
  • Global in nature – we’re to support business units across the world from different cultural and language background.
  • 24 X 7 Availability – We leverage Internet’s speed and accessibility to provide support to business needs, anytime anywhere.
  • Fast and Efficient – By leveraging the accumulated expertise, we offer the support service faster and efficiently by expending lesser effort.
  • Global knowledge repository – we have a global accessible knowledge repository of best practices, offered solutions to assure enhanced business productivity and minimize business disruption.
  • Proactive – We’re able to take preventive action by identifying the issues proactively and fixing them.
  • We able to support different packaged products leveraging the underlying business process knowledge, although the package may be different.

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