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State Audit Dept. AP.

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  • Generation of NC Code for various CNC machines
  • Generation of 3 axis to 5 axis NC tool path for milling machines
  • Generation of automatic NC lathe programs

Tool Design Services:
We are specialized in Tool Design and Manufacturing area with professional trained in various tool design Schools like CITD-Hyderabad, CIPET-Madras, NTTF-Bangalore, GTTC-Bangalore and experienced in PRAGA tools Ltd, HYD.

Having vast experience in the following areas.

  • Design of press tools
  • Design of Die casting Dies
  • Design of milling fixtures,
  • Design of turning fixtures
  • Design of Gages and templates
  • Design of Injection/Blow Moulds 
  • Design of Glass moulds for Glass Containers

Reverse Engineering of spare parts:
We are having expertise in the development of spare parts for any component having no Reference Drawings and no supplier’s available and foreign suppliers. We need the inputs of physical part, and we out put the Detail Drawings for the manufacture of the parts and additionally we take the responsibility to prove the same by manufacturing and supply.

We Develop catalogue part Drawings for the manufacturer requirement.

Customization of CAD Environment:
Customizing the AutoCAD Environment suitable to a specific designer / work, Apart from the AutoCAD tools. Regular set of commands used by designer / drafts man are grouped and programmed thru VBA and AUTO LISP to make user-friendly tools.

Specific tools are designed as per the Industry Requirements to facilitate the Designer/Draftsman to avoid the errors and speed up in their regular work.

Customization can be done for detailing of the Engineering drawings, creation of libraries of Part Drawings and will be called in during the design.

Steel Structural Detailing and Analysis:
Structural steel detailing is a well-defined process, which generates “detail drawings”, representing each individual building component. Construction industry always has a tremendous need for trained structural steel detailers
Uniglow having vast and varied experienced teem in this highly specialized work of developing Erection Drawings, Fabrication Drawings by using AISC (American Institute of Steel Construction) Standards
Accuracy is unquestionably the most important, but at Uniglow along with accuracy we will keep great emphasis on legibility, clarity, neatness and speed.

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